The Grotto Group is a business networking, relationship and referral group. We’re made up of many chapters of individual business professionals and business owners.

What is a Grotto?

By definition, a Grotto is a natural cave. Grottos were often used by ancient man as a meeting place to discuss subjects of great importance. The first Grotto Group meeting was held with 4 people in attendance at a coffee shop called The Grotto.


TThe Grotto Group has a very distinct purpose. We work to help each member grow their business through referrals and business relationships. In addition, we focus on giving back to our communities; volunteering our time and donating funds to local non-profits.

What is a Grotto Group Chapter?

A Grotto chapter is a group of professionals and business owners. An ideal chapter has from 15 to 30 members. Membership is exclusive based on profession. Typically, there is one Realtor, one banker, one dentist, etc.

When do Chapters Meet?

Chapters meet once per week at a designated location; often a coffee shop, a restaurant or an office meeting room that can accommodate up to 30 people.

What happens at Grotto Meeting?

Members each have an opportunity to share with the chapter what they need or are looking for in a referral. They describe their business in a precise manner and ask members to keep them in mind when they are working within their realm of influence. Additionally, a typical meeting will have a member guest speaker or a guest speaker from outside that can offer real and valuable insight into sales, marketing, social media or any other business helpful to the chapter. Chapter leadership will also announce networking , community events and volunteer opportunities. At the end of each meeting, every member announces whether they have a Shout Out or Referral for any other members in the chapter.

How often does a chapter volunteer in the community?

Each chapter is different, but all are focused on where and when they can help. Most chapters pick a local non-profit they can work with during the year. They will typically schedule 3 or 4 times during the year when the chapter can volunteer physically as a team. In larger regions, there are typically two times per year when all chapters volunteer to help a non-profit that all members in the region voted to support.

Does the grotto group require members to give referrals?

Grotto Group requires that each member give at least 2 referrals per month to other members.

Does the grotto group require attendance?

Yes. Success in networking is tied directly to whether each member can build real and trusting relationships with other members. Just like any other relationship, a Grotto Group relationship takes time and effort. You can’t create the necessary relationships if you do not attend consistently. The Grotto Group requires that members attend a minimum of 3 out of every 4 meetings. Ideally, each member should plan to be at every meeting.

What is the cost of Grotto Group?

There is a one-time only New Member fee of $195, and a monthly dues charge of $29. For about $1 per day, The Grotto Group can be the most effective marketing you’ll ever experience.