It started simply enough. 3 people, a coffee shop and a belief that business wasn't just business. And it wasn't just about networking. It's about relationships. It's about giving back. It's about community. It's about real referrals. And it's about time.


Through business referrals and community outreach, The Grotto Group will strive to become a recognizable and meaningful participant in business, and the community at large. Utilizing the qualities of the optimist and good neighbor, we will attempt to attract the best in any field, growing our membership through careful screening processes. We will actively participate in community events, donating the proceeds of our efforts to community organizations that lend help and offer resources to those experiencing less fortunate circumstances. We strive to be an example of a positive, fun, ethical and effective business and community entity. With momentum derived from this stated vision, we seek to grow The Grotto Group into multiple groups, dynamically pursuing an ever greater, and positive impact on business growth and community.


Each member strives to become a participating sales force in the business community for all members. In addition, each member looks for opportunities to help in the community within the framework of Grotto Group activities. We work to make the business community more successful, and the community at large, a better place to live.